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    The Inevitability Factor

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    The Inevitability Factor Empty The Inevitability Factor

    Post by Johnuva on Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:24 am

    The Inevitability Factor Tif_poster_1
    Newest Comic:
    The Inevitability Factor Tif_comic_007
    TIF: The Rahngamobile

    Well, this'll be interesting.

    I thought about doing this after reading some of Nuparurock's daily strips, which also inspired my using the six-shaded Chimoru Omega kit. The Inevitability Factor is perhaps one of my most ambitious comic projects to date. Not least because of the style of comic making, but because I plan to add a new comic every Sunday.

    A note about guest starring.

    For now, only guest stars are allowed - no permanent guest stars. This is for both practicality, and for sake of the storyline - I need to introduce the main characters of the series before adding yet more to the plot. When (or if) I do decide to accept permanent guest stars, they shall either be;
    1) Previous guest stars.
    2) Invited.
    3) Both.
    Some of you may view this as unfair, but once again, it is for practicality. If I know the permanent guest stars beforehand, then I shall be able to write them into the comics easier.

    Guest star list - not a permanent guest star list!
    1. Terton the Many.
    2. ThatOneGuy.
    3. CRABFIG.
    4. Empty
    5. Empty

    In order to be a guest star, you must send me a message, with your character's spritesheet and personality. The kit must be Chimoru Omega - if you send me a 'normal' Chimoru Omega kit, I will six-shade it for your appearance in the series, so you don't have to make your own if you don't want to.

    Guest Star form (not obligatory):


    Foreword: The comics will move slowly at first, but hopefully they will pick up speed.

    The quest for characters - part 1
    The quest for characters - part 2
    The Rahngamobile The Inevitability Factor New-animation

    Holiday Comics

    Fourth-year Rahaga Head

    Guest Stars

    Other comics
    These comics are comics done in the style of TIF, but not actually a part of the TIF chronology.

    Comic Advent Calendar, day 3.



    The Inevitability Factor Johnuva_banner

    The Inevitability Factor Rahnga_banner

    The Inevitability Factor Sharna_banner


    The Inevitability Factor Tif_banner

    Credit to:
    * Dark709 - for the Chimoru Omega kit, and for the expressions.
    * Gerlicky - for the six-shaded Chimoru Omega kit.
    * Tavakai - for the McToran Spritesheet.
    * Vahkoro - for the lightsabers.
    * Makar - for the Ultimate Accessory kit.

    All that remains for me to say is; enjoy! Smile
    The Inevitability Factor Johnuva_signoff

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    The Inevitability Factor Empty Re: The Inevitability Factor

    Post by philipnova798 on Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:46 am

    So that's how he moves from place to place. Also, is the lackey a recurring character?
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    The Inevitability Factor Empty Re: The Inevitability Factor

    Post by Shadonix on Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:53 am

    shadowStorm [SS] began pestering Johnuva [JV].

    SS: Well these are pretty good.
    SS: I quite like what you do with the text.
    SS: Banners could use some work though.
    SS: Resizing looks pretty whack.

    shadowStorm [SS] ceased pestering Johnuva [JV].

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    The Inevitability Factor Empty Re: The Inevitability Factor

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