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    Turnabout Genesis

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    Turnabout Genesis Empty Turnabout Genesis

    Post by Kahinuva on Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:23 am

    Turnabout Genesis Logothesequel

    The International Comic Continuity Presents

    Before the living. Before the learning. Before the lawsuits.

    There was one Ace Attorney.

    Turnabout Genesis Title

    Live, Learn and Lawsuits | TavKorp | Turaga Dlakii's Comic Emporium

    All characters here are the property of the International ComicContinuity and their subsequent creators including but not limited to Kahinuva, Gerlicky, Tavakai, and Turaga Dlakii. The pictures are all original works save for the brushes and the sprites, the latter being the work of Xanis and his Xaniskit. This work, while being inspired by both sources, is in no way affiliated with Capcom or the LEGO Group. This is strictly fan-fiction and should in no way either hinder the sales or profit of either company.

    Also, please note: this is a story about a murder case, so there will be some violence such as shooting or stabbing a victim. I've seen this in multiple other stories before, so I don't think it will be that bad, but it is always good to take a precaution. There will be some pictures of the murder and other scenes for the purpose of showing evidence so the readers can go solve the contradictions in the witnesses' testimonies. More information about this can be found in the review topic.


    Turnabout Genesis Prolouge

    August 3rd, 8:23 PM
    University of Taone
    Dorm Room 229


    It was her fault.

    She was the one who did it. Not him. Oh no, not him at all. She was the one who threatened him, saying that she was going to go to the authorities. He was only trying to stop her from damaging his credibility, but she forced him to do it. It was her fault that he had pulled the trigger, not his.

    He was innocent.

    But they wouldn’t see it that way, would they? No, no they wouldn’t. People would have heard the gunshot and come running and they would think it was his fault. He needed something, someone. Someone who would get him out of this horrid mess.

    Turnabout Genesis Img_001

    He heard sounds from the other end of the hall. Oh no, not the guards. Not them, he wasn’t ready yet.

    He stole a quick look out the door breathed a sigh of relief. Good. It wasn’t them. It was the janitor. Only the janitor.

    He could use him, couldn’t he? He was only a janitor, he had nothing to lose. It wouldn’t have any harm done. And he would get away scot free.

    He had to try.

    He had worn gloves, so his fingerprints weren’t on the weapon. She always kept her window open, so as long as no one saw him…

    There was no time to think. Hearing a call of “Hello? Is everything alright?” he leapt through the window, grabbing a branch of the nearby tree to help steady his fall, but the branch was too weak and with a large crack it splintered. He tumbled to the ground and ran in the other direction, around the dormitory.

    Running up to the second floor again, he found what he was hoping for: the janitor in the room, dumbfounded at the sight of the dead body. It was a shame to do this to him, but he had no other choice.

    He had to do it.

    “Guards!” he yelled, “Over here! This man…he killed her!”


    Turnabout Genesis Review

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