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    Seeing as I Never Formally Introduced Myself...

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    Seeing as I Never Formally Introduced Myself... Empty Seeing as I Never Formally Introduced Myself...

    Post by Shadonix on Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:13 am

    Your name is SHADONIX. You are, at the time you're typing this, FOURTEEN YEARS OLD and live in the EAST COAST TIME ZONE. You enjoy MUSIC, specifically music by MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, GREEN DAY and DAFT PUNK. You are A BIT OF A MUSICIAN YOURSELF in fact and are in a BAND called A DAYLIGHT PHOBIA with some other members of BZPOWER, a website you frequent. You are an avid COMIC MAKER, and among your many TOOLS are MS PAINT 7, GIMP 2.6, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3, and YOUR MIND. You have a tendency to be OVERDRAMATIC and usually juggle WAY MORE SERIES THAN CAN POSSIBLY BE HEALTHY. You are EXCEPTIONALLY SMART for your age, having taken the SAT in 8TH GRADE and having scored a total of 1940. (660 MATH, 600 CRITICAL READING and 680 WRITING.) While this may not be much in a COMMUNITY SUCH AS THIS, it's certainly something worth boasting in a TOWN FULL OF IDIOTS where you live. Judging by that last sentence, you wonder if there is a WORD FILTER on this forum. You play PIANO and TRUMPET. You are learning the GUITAR, but the one you have is sadly BROKEN. You also SING quite well. You are a pretty big fan of HOMESTUCK, if that hasn't already made itself clear. By now, your fingers are QUITE NUMB INDEED and you should PROBABLY STOP TYPING.

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